KG/Kane Garden Boards of S.D.,Ca.???????

…Who builds them(really)? …Saw a few quad-fish the last couple days,and was wondering?Herb

Try this link…

Could be shapes by Larry Minard and glass by PSG.

Those boards are shaped by Larry Mabile. I saw some boards on the web site that looked really fun. Has anyone tried the twinser fish as opposed to the regular twin keel finned fish? I have been concidering ordering one of Larrys shapes/retro fish and was compelled by the twinser aspect (thinking it would have the speed enhansing benefits of the canard fins)although I will probobly try the wooden keel fin to experience a truer retro feel (I have not tried a true fish, closest being a c-5 Pirahna). Just wondering if anyone has any feed back.

i have one of his keel fin fish. awesome board. simply awesome. im 6’ 160, the board is 5’8 x 21 x 2 5/8

Larry Mabile shapes the traditional fish and the twinzer fish. I’ve ridden a Mabile twinzer fish for the last four years in 1 to 6 foot surf. No other board i’ve ridden comes close to the speed and looseness of these boards, and yes I have a Mabile keel fin fish. I feel the twinzer fish is faster and looser and a better design. I’m selling an extra 6’10" 17x22x17x3 twinzer fish in very good condition for $220.00. Surfwax

I am interested in your big fish- please e-mail me at

actually, i’m interested in that board as well. can you email me at ? thanks, johnny g.

…been building Supercharged fish for 6 years or better now,very similar to the twinnzer jobs,just less fin area.Tom Sterne saw a good thing and follwed suit.As well as many others here at Sways.It nice to see others out there not willing to bend to the popular… …out here, its in there, and visa versa.Herb

On the subject of the LM fishes. How do the winged versions compare to standard?

Rich Pavel shapes quad fin under the “rainbow” label. Mike Hynson and Gary McNabb also shape for rainbow. Check them out…I saw a nice one with wood fins at Thalia St surfshop.

…Thanks Sling,I’ll check it out.Herb