Kid size respirator?

Here’s a weird question…

I was working on my paintings today and my 4 year old daughter was helping me by painting. At a certain point I had to sand some MDF so I had to make her leave. (I found out MDF dust is carcinogenic). She wasn’t happy and I told her she didn’t have a respirator. She said, “i want a respirator.” It was so cute.

It was nice to have her helping and I really liked the fact she was curious to see me working. It sure beats having her watch TV.

So I wondered if there is a kid size respirator? LIke, if there was some kind of disaster and some harmful dust was floating around, do they have some kind of mask for kids. How about in hospitals?

No, I would never put my daughter in harm’s way and no this isn’t child labor. It’s just about picking up on natural curiousity and the desire to help out.

And no, this one didn’t fit.

Check 3M’s site. I’m pretty sure that they make a full range of products for people with smaller faces. I was in Homedepot the other day and I noticed that they make a dust mask for women that was pretty small. It’s not a respirator but was a higher quality mask.

I’ve been letting my 8 y/o son do some sanding of the blanks, just fooling around stuff but he’s stoked when I let him sign the blank.