kirk putnam, love update...

KP…oh sheet mate,

seeck chubes… put my A4 greenhog 30cm right in front of da dunny.

reckon it goes like the clappers ay. scabbed me right hand till it looked

like a chewed minty but the banks are filth at the beachies today. So’s I’m

at me local slayin a few frothy ones ay an the dog’n’bones goin off its head,

its me chine rantin’n’ravin bout the rads reunion…mad as a fuckin cut snake

this cunt is i tell ya…he’s like a gin at a christenin mate, anyway i’m callin

bullshit on him… birdman make the rads look like poo smeared

panties on a gay blades head who’s eating a stillborns ballbag…


…leave the mushie picking to “Skeletor” , matey !


“Skeletor”, richie? mate? reckon he’s no Mark Sainsbury…

now that’s a floatet old son…once i necked a bag o shrooms

and i swear to fuckin god mate, i saw nat dolphin hump while

drouyn sat on a 12" pinecone.

Chip, you better find Al and send him home sounds like he gone over the edge and he hasnt even left for Indo yet. I knew I shouldnt have sold that Liddle to him, hes hooked, flex fin junkie in Aus.point breaks.Must be somthin in the water in San Francisco. Have fun Al.Hey Al I need your story for the article soon Email it to me ASP.send me Pics.


“Skeletor”, richie? mate? reckon he’s no Mark Sainsbury…

now that’s a floatet old son…once i necked a bag o shrooms

and i swear to fuckin god mate, i saw nat dolphin hump while

drouyn sat on a 12" pinecone.

geez mate , you belong at surfer mag’s “surfer discussion” forum …

Seconded. Someone carry the motion out of here.

Overruled…Big Bay has the floor. Too Ozzy for the Aussies and too hip for the rest of us. Keep an ear to the ground, my friend, and always have an escape route.

I must have had too much wine last night. Anyone care to translate?

Al’s getting some sick tubes,. He put his Greenough A4 fin up 3cm in the box and it went great.He cut his right hand, but the sand bars are goin off today. He went to the local bar to have a couple brews, and some wanker is talkin story but Al thinks it’s BS. Hey guys Alex has a twisted sense of humor, thats why I like him . He is just tryin to get a rise out of us, no harm no foul.

Right On!

Thanks for the translation Kirk :wink:

Sounds to me like the guy’s having a pretty damn good time.

Good for you Bay!

Gotta’ love those Greenough A4’s.

Is that really you Captain Goodvibes?

Strange, I didn’t need any translation, I understood the first post and I’m dead straight sober and at work…

That’s jest not natural…

keep the reports coming big bay!!!seen mp anywhere lately???

oh shit…gots updates…

i broke my nose today…does paracetamol, codeine, panadeine forte

ring any bells, rung mine real nice. reckon, never seen so much damn

gush shooting out the lil’ sniffy. it was 0.73 meters at the pass…oh ya

the board is fine KP you weenie… had blood from arsehole to breakfast hole, old codgers were in a flap…

yep, you can swear to your heart’s content …they will LOVE you , over at

[“surfer discussion” forum , remember …they talk about ANYTHING there …

You know what they say, Al. The surfer who posts on Swaylocks while on a surf trip is either homesick or suffering from the flat spell blues. Put some duct tape on your nose and get back out there, son! You are not missing anything here except the NW wind and flying sand…


hey kitty hawk,

i’m swollen and drawing this morning. we have to have to a

take a sand bottom point trip. it’s heaps of fun and i put the

blade to THE TEST at a reef near crackneck on the central coast,

sketchy…you would have been crackin up kit kat… take care.

oh ya, you other guys at the form shouldn’t read this

petty dribble… and sorry my australian translator loves

to curse but he IS a funny fucker, huh?

he sounds like he could write for the hbo western series DEADWOOD…i dig it!!big bay, sand bottom points this summer???

So the MP board is going well, Al? Give us a report, c’mon, tease us with a little–I mean Liddle–description here.

Enjoi the glide my hull-bottomed, fine-feathered friend…

kit- did you get one of those liddle ol’ mp boards too???if not, i think ya ought to…