Kitchen Trouble

The wife and I are having a bit of a disagreement about which colour to paint the kitchen. I want an ocean theme through the house in blue tones, but she wants it white. What should i do to change her mind.

Hay Clive, You could always agree to white and ask her if some blue highlighting will suit her fancy. Then go surfing and come back with a clear mind and ask her if she has any ideas about how to pick up the floor and counter top color. Remember you can always get very light blue resin tint board. They have very rich look about them. As a plumber with 28 years experience in kitchen remodles the saying goes, “White is right!” Enjoy your dinner, Rich

You must not have been married very long…you don’t change her mind, you paint it white or you’ll be hearing about the “damn blue” in the kitchen for the next 5 years. Been there, done that.

Try a glass on fin next time, but make sure you place your markings at around 6 1/2" from the tail this time.

I’m with razerfish, I’ve been married to the same lady for 36 years. I don’t have a mind when it comes to what go on in the house, or as far as that goes on the outside of the house eather. So like Rich says white is right. If you like what you have as far as the lady goes, just roll with what she wants. Remember your a man and you can learn to live with any color, its the lady that can’t live with that color for one more day.