Klear Kote Epoxy

I am currently building a surfboard and am ready to glass it. In an effort to try and stay within my budget i decided to try and look for some materials that were a little less pricey. In my hunt I found an epoxy brand called “Klear Kote” Epoxy resin. The epoxy is going for 60.00$ (1.5 gallons of resin and hardener) and seems like a very good price compared to Surf Source or West systems epoxy resins. I dont see why it wouldnt work but I just wanted to get some opinions on it before I spend the mpney. Has anyone ever used this resin brand? If so, did it work well? Thanks and please get back to me before I make ab impulsive decision

I would make sure it had good uv stabilizer.

KlearKote appears to be designed as a bartop epoxy.

 It could be really thick and take forever to wet out the cloth.

 It could have secondary bonding issues.  

It might be a poor choice for this application.

 Without knowing these variables above and perhaps countless others, I’d recommend spending a bit more for something known to work for surfboards.


I’ve used Apex Epoxy from fiberglass source which is currently 80$ for 1.5 gallons, West System, and System 3’s Clearcoat, SB112 and general purpose resins.

The Apex  epoxy, unless the surface is pristine and absolutely no dust or airborn contaminants, fisheyes when hotcoating, like someone got loose with a bottle of silicone spray all over the board when your back was turned, but I’ll buy it again from their stick and brick store, unless I get pointed elsewhere in the interim.


System3 CC and SB112 is $$, but I like it the most in my HWS and wood fins applications.  I’d not use system3 general purpose resin for laminating.

I’ve used it to build a few boards. Phebus is right. It doesn’t have a good UV stabilizer, so you’ll have to seal it with something that does. It’s remarkably easy to work with if you warm up the resin a bit when it’s cooler, or just in general.  I prefer a faster setting epoxy but have had absolutely no issues with adherence, strength, or durability. And it will not fish eye. Being a coating epoxy it lays very well for the final hotcoat. If you’re on a budget, it’s just fine, in my opinion.  Definitely give it a final finish with the UV product of your choice because it will yellow. 

Don’t experiment.  For one thing a single board does not require a 1 1/2 gal. Kit.  Most suppliers sell quart kits that will do a single board.  Stick with the tried and true for surfboards.  Resin Research, Apex, Dura-Clear, Pro-Set or Fiberglass Hawaii.  All used with decent results by Sway Bros.  for instance; Apex is a 1 1/2 gal. Kit at $79.  You’re not saving enough to take a chance.  Lowel

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Thanks everybody for the feedback! After further research and advice from swaylockers I have decided to not buy the klear koat epoxy. I decided to use West Sytems 105 with 207 clear coat hardener instead because I found a friend who has a West Marine port supply account and can get 46% off of it. 

would additive f or fiberglass hawaii surfacing agent help keep that apex epoxy from fisheye-ing? any experience with compatibility between those products?

Unless West Systems has changed, that is boat repair resin.

Kicks slow, and is yellow in color.

Used that resin nearly 30 years ago.

The surf-brands mentioned above have been formulated for surfcraft use.

Quick-kicking and not only UV protection, but is blue-ish in color much like other types of surboard resin.

You gonna take that chance?

Don’t step over a dollar to save a dime.


sometimes when i am spraying lacquer on furniture i will get fisheye. The anser to that is a squirt of “Smoothie Fishey Killer”. I wonder f it woud work with epoxy.It’s been around for years.

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West System makes an Epoxy intended for use on Surfboards.  It is known as Pro-Set I believe.  One of my best shaper/board builder customers was sampled a Pro-set kit recently.  He found the resin to be thick and slow setting.  I have used West System’s clear for ding repair of Sailboards, surfboards by Surftech and Boardworks.  All repairs were painted.  Used their  Epoxy for a few years while doing ding repair on Maui.  If you don’t mind your board being the color of Root Beer;  it will work fine.  I disagree with Barry. Not yellow.  Brown.  Lowel