Knee paddling ... what rails?

I’m planning on making my 3rd board this summer and was looking for some helpful advice. I’m starting with a U.S. blanks 11’3"D.

I want to make a 10’2" x 24 x 4 pintail flat bottom  downrailed-V in tail singlefin Longboard.

 Cutting the stock blank to a 10’2" will give me 4 5/16" nose rocker and 2 17/32" tail rocker.

This is not a nose rider. I want it to paddle, catch waves, bottom turn and cutback well ,in that order.

I was planning on 80/20 rails to give max paddle speed but would they be too tippy to knee paddle? 

Outline will be something like below.


Need opinions on rocker and rails. Again I’m emphasizing paddle speed and wave catching first. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take the time to read this.

  Rails are fine, very stable, not tippy at all.      Me, I’d put another inch of tail rocker in.      You’ll need it, to turn that behemoth.       Forget the   V  in the tail.

Thanks Bill. It can be ordered with an extra inch tail rocker.