kneeboard blank

hi there! new to your excellent forum, with a burning question (to me at least). along with all my other projects I was thinking of building a bellyboard – kneeboard – old fashioned paipo board kind of board. of balsa or foam (what can I say it’s a dream at this point). but I have been unable to locate any short (36" to 48" blanks. do they exist? should I try a bigger blank that’s screwed up in some way and cut it down? but then I would be dealing with the soft inner foam in some way or another. which is why I started to think of balsa. any thoughts? thanks in advance kim

You probably already know about the 6’2"C blank from clark. If not, plug in this address It is only 24" wide though. I don’t know what walker provides, but the 6’2"c is for kneeboards and fish shapes. You might think about a foam balsa combo (balsa rails to net your desired width. This would minimize the shaping of the balsa (as opposed to doing the whole board in balsa, may save you some bucks too), plus they look pretty cool when your done. I posted a URL the other day for a thread on wood boards it is he has some pics of some longboards that he did with foam and balsa sections, check it out it may give you some ideas. Or check the archives for paipo boards, I pretty sure Dale has done some and has posted some info on them. Good luck.

use the 6’2C by Clark