Kneeboard design

I’m in the process of shaping a kneeboard for a friend and was looking for any input on the subject.The board is 6’3x 24"x3 1/4" with 2 1/2" tail rocker and 5" nose rocker.Swallow tail probox quad,1 pound eps compsand construction,4 under balsa and 6 over.I haven’t turned the botom rails yet and still have a little work to do on the deck.My questions are what would be a good rail for a 6’3" 260 pound beginner kneeboarder,and what would be propper fin placement?It will be ridden in 2-4’ florida beachbreack on softer waves,no shorebreak due to the rider being 60 years old.

rail pic

I googled kneeboards a while back and found several interesting links in Australia. Lots of pictures and vids. You might be able to scale something off of that. Glad someone is building these. Please post pics.

He wanted some fins…but I told him an entire board would be faster and less agravating to make,we’ll buy the fins on the internet instead. :slight_smile:

You may want to post your question on the Kneeboard Surfing USA website.

Here’s a link to their design forum.