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Hi all.

I am going to try making a kneeboard for my brother shortly and I need help with some help with the design. Am thinking a 5’ 9 by 23" rounded pin tail, about 2 3/4" thick for beach break conditions (East coast Australia). These dims are just what Ive seen around on the web and from checking out other peoples boards so I have nothing else to go on. Id like to get some nose and tail widths, widepoint placement, rail type, bottom contours and of course the fin placement. I would also like to know what size fins are used on a quad kneeboard and toe angles, cant etc. I havent found much info around and I fell a little in the dark, so any info would be greatly appreciated.



P.S. If I use a pigment to produce a solid (not see through) colour when glassing, to I still have to do cut laps?

These guys can help…

Thanks for the reply. Anyone else got ANY info?

I used to have a sweet G&S kneeboard

it looked like a realy short longboard or maybe egg style

Keep the wide point in the center of the board cause your not gonna be moving around on it

thats my 2 cnts


Thanks for the reply. Anyone else got ANY info?

What else do you need?


The board is ready to be finned now and I need suggestions for fin placement. The board is 5’9" x 23" x 2.75" and is 18" in the nose and tail. It is a rounded pin with hard rails almost half way up. I would like to do a quad setup, the fins I am using are the same as FCS G7000 (front) and GL (back). They will be glassed on. The board is going to be ridden in beach break conditions with a fairly carvey style. Any info will be greatly appreciated.



For a Quad set-up on a knee board of that size:

Back fins = 5" from tail 2" from rail set parallel to stringer.

Front fins = 10" from tail 1" from rail 1/8" toe.

I have good results with this quad formula, however it’s not written in stone.