Kneeboard with a very familar paint job.

Been making more and more of these.

Made this for a customer.

6’2" x 24.00" x 3.0"

Brought me a picture of the famous McCoy stripes.

“Can you do this?”

Of course I can. Done this a few times.

yeehaa Barry !


  there are a few shots on the ‘vintage surfboards’ facebook site , of a few with that …




  p.s. - can you private message me your email addy , please ?  I just tried sending you a few shots , but it musta been your ‘old’ addy , as it boomeranged .


cheers !



Very retro and way cool!

Thanks Boss…


I have a man-crush on you Barry and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

mad, mad board building skills. Effin total package. 10 thumbs up Barry!!!