Kneeboarders Gathering

An FYI to anyone interested,

There’s a campout scheduled for the weekend following the SA2004 at Plaskett Creek of a group of kneeboarders associated with the KSUSA (kneeboard surfing USA)website This will be alot of the same folks who held the first kneeboard national championship in 10 years this last fall at Pleasure Point. An event that had 60 kneeboarders entered. It does appear that kneeboarding is slowly being resurrected.

An interesting phenomenon, isn’t it Gary? A resurgence of interest in kneeriding. Who’da thunk it?

My time is limited, so I’ll strive for the Swaylock’s gathering initially. If I can swing it, I’d like to return to the kneelo fest and meet some of these characters in person–we’ll see. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at Sanddollar…and the rest of the Swayloholics!

Hi Dirk,

There seems to be a slow resurgence of kneeboarding here in SC and I mean slow. I see one or two KBer’s out where for years I saw none. I just returned to kneeboarding a few years ago and surf it ocassionally on big knarly days. I’m still primarily a standup/matt surfer.

I surfed in the KSUSA contest last fall with 60 folks entered in the contest. It was fun but in lousy, small conditions.

I’m looking forward to the Swaylock’s gig and seeing you and the rest of the boys. I’ll be staying in Cambria and driving up to Sanddollar during the day since I was too late in signing up for a campsite. I just talk to Peter here in SC yesterday whose just getting use to his new matt. He’s having fun and will be at Sanddollar as well.