kneeboards v. drop-knee

Why so few kneeboards? There are plenty of bodyboarders doing drop-knee or double knee, and they are pretty good at it too. Would they get more speed and performance if they “stepped up” to a kneeboard??

They would get more speed and performance if they ‘stepped up’ and actually stood up.

(1) Because bodyboarding in small choppy flat surf is lame!

(2)Because DK in that stuff just makes surfing worse- sinking and bogging all over the place.

(3) Because surfing mags sell total fantasy. Not the every day conditions of the real world. Even longboards are faster than DK! Ever see a “variety” of bodyboard pics (or kneeboarding) in the mags? Like 99.99% of them (especially DK) are larger- powerful- dredging- barrels. There`s a good reason why! P.S. riding paipos and kneeboards in mushburgers sucks too!