kneelo design


ive came acrosse a kneelo and paipo site and am thinking about making a knee board, i have experience making surfboards, and would like to get a few dimensions, im 6’2" about 135 pounds. i don’t really know where or what size blank to get, because i have absolutely no background with it. any help? cheers!


6’2" 135 lbs…are you a stick??

Big challenge getting blanks with enough width, length and rocker.

Think 16-17" nose and tail; 22.5-24" width

5.5 nose, 2.5 tail rocker (mini-mal blanks don’t usually have enough rocker)

2.5" thick, because wide boards are a mother to paddle (kind of makes it difficult to cut deep rocker into a mal blank)

finished board 6’-6’2" (really! - forget 5’7" preconceptions - go long and put the fins up at 18")

Anything less and you won’t be shaping a modern performance kneeboard - just a wide standup board

You can get 2 7’0" blanks and cut/glue them off-centre to get enough width and rocker- but it’s the nose and tail dimensions that are the challenge to fit in.

your rocker dimensions are off…think 4" nose 1" tail…

trust me, I ride these things at Sunset and Backyards and use the same rockers in crappy 3’ onshore

actually 5.6"; 2.48"