Knob hitachi p20 clarkfoam

Hello everyone! I discovered this photo… and I love it!!! I want to modify a hitachi p20sb and turn it into one like the edition that clarkfoam once made. Does anyone know where I can buy the depth adjustment knob and washer online? thanks everybody, greetings!

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I’m making my own version with a 3D printed knob and a cnc threaded rod, i’ll let you know how it turns out

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Once you’ve made a 3d print knob, care to share the file?

I’m trying a high helix lead screw. If it works ok I’ll make a post.

I printed this first version, which is okay.

I have ordered parts to make tests i will probably upload another version when i’m done.

Also working on a 3D printed vacuum exit for my hitachi P20SA2 version, i’ll share the file too when it’s up and running

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You are a legend, nice one for that.

What’s your plan in terms of the mechanism if you don’t mind explaining?

I’m trying to sus out how to lock the front shoe at zero cut.

Really nothing fancy, just a big 16mm thread :smiley:

Knob’s ring has a screw to lock the position
Bottom ring sets the depth
Spring in between

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Is the 16mm thread a purpose made thread? I’m looking to use a M10 12mm lead high helix lead screw as a quarter turn should give 3mm vertical movement.

No I ordered cheap 12/14/16mm threads + a CNC high helix just to try and find what fits best

Also ordered the faucet you can find on the YouTube video

I can probably make a few protos out of all that sh** haha :call_me_hand:

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I modified my Hitachi based on these instructions. It was easy and inexpensive. I think I spent under $20 on the project. Works perfect.


I will make a list if the proto works but it should be on the same budget (and you can still use the pvc stuff in the video if you can’t 3D print)

Is there anyway I can edit your knob STL accurately to suit m10 thread and corresponding lock collar?

I can provide you with the file in the format of your choice or modify it directly if you give me the outer diameter of your ring :+1:

oooo I’m really impressed, could you send me the file so I can print it?

The lock collar has a 20mm OD. If you are happy to amend the file that would be amazing.

Thanks a lot for that, much appreciated :+1:t2:

Just finished designing the vacuum port for the hitachi P20SA2 planer if anyone is interested :+1: :sunglasses:


Top man, you’re on a roll :muscle:t2:

I moved all the files from thingiverse to cults3D

I put a price at 0.99€ per file but it’s free if you type “SWAYLOCKS”

Here’s a link : All the 3D models of BGShapes・Cults

I’ll probably add more content soon :smiley:


Any chance you could amend the file for a 32mm ID vacuum hose please?

My high helix thread has arrived. Just need my friend to stick the nut in a lathe and I’m good to go.

File is modified : STL file HITACHI P20SA2 DUST EXTRACTOR / VACUUM PORT (32mm hose ver.) 🌬️・3D printer design to download・Cults

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