Knoll Blob

Anybody know anything about the Greg Knoll “Blob”

A short wide single fin with a pretty deep V in the tail which itself is a cross between a swallow and a squash.


What would you like to know?

And do you have one for sale or are you looking?

Thanks, James

                                                       1969 GREG NOLL 'BLOB' ...Rare

This is a rare 1969 Greg Noll Blob (we think it is) length 6’ nose 20" width 23 1/4" tail 20" tail tip 14" and 3" thick. Fin is smoke grey - clear Bahne fin (this is new but is the exact one used during production). Board has a glue line stringer, V bottom and a wedge tail, logo is Mint and pin lines are all original, has small pigmented flower on bottom near fin area which is original to board, original glass was very lightweight to aid in higher performance this is quite evedent by the slight staining on the bottom due to flex.


…any rocker shot[s] , by any chance , Soulstice ?

that’s a pretty far out board !


nope…but i imagine it’s very flat.

That’s the board. Win, just curious about it as it doesn’t look like your typical knoll board. Local shop had one for sale.