kokua: about glossing

I’m glossing my first board this week. I was wondering how I go about sanding the board. Do I just do 100grit to 220 grit before glossing or stay at 100grit?? thanks

Howzit Finman, I sand the bottom lap with 80 grit then finish with 100 grit. Some sanders finish with 120 grit. If you are doing a pin line, use 220 grit on the area where the pin line will be. This helps to prevent bleeding of the pin line. Aloha, Kokua

Mr.Kokua , Please e-mail me. --Thanks

so you sand the whole board up to 100 grit if no pinlines then gloss it? thanks

Howzit Finman, that’s the ticket. Aloha, Kokua

Howzit easternpac, tried to e-mail you but there seems to be a problem,is it the right address. E-mail me a Aloha, Kokua