Kokua, and others are you still using 1421 Silmar UV

I know there was some talk about this this summer. was wondering if you are still using it and how you feel it compares to the regular FH UV resin.

Thanks in advance


Howzit drew, Right now I back to using regular UV lam resin due to the high cost of the iso/ortho blended resin and also 1 of my shapers expressed the fact that he thought boards glassed with it were more brittle than boards glassed with regular lam resin. I'm at a cross roads right now but may go back to blended resin in the future since I liked using it.Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Kokua, nice to hear from you.

Not exactly the ringing endorsement that i was looking for. Sounds like your kinda on the fence with it. My next resin order I’ll throw a gallon or two in of the 1421 just to try it out for myself.