Kokua and others: Are "Zig" pens the same as "Sakura Pigma Micron" pens?

Are “Zig” pens the same as “Sakura Pigma Micron” pens? They appear to be the same.

I want to do some freehand work on my sanded board.

zig: http://www.dickblick.com/zz213/06/

sakura pigma: http://www.dickblick.com/zz213/08/

Anybody know?

Oh yeah, how long should the ink dry before coating it with acrylic?

 Howzit sidestreet, Without looking i'm pretty sure that Sakura makes Zig pens but not sure if they are exactly the same. Do a test is the best way to find out. As far as ink drying time,I use a heat gun while applying and that dries it really fast, other wise it only takes about 15 mins to dry with out heat gun.Aloha,Kokua

For what it’s worth, these appear to be a brush tip rather than a chisel (magic marker-type) hard point. That will affect how well you can draw with them, not how well they work on surfboards. Whether they will run, bleed, etc. depends on the ink, not the method of delivering it. As Kokua says, only testing will tell you that.

Let us know if they work, eh? You may be onto something useful.

Keith and Kokua-

Here’s what happened. Quite amateur, but quite satisfying.

1.) Used 320 wet and sanded. Cleaned off dust.

2.) artwork with pen and nib and pigmented acrylic ink, which I had in my possession. Rapidograph pens cost $27 at a local graphics store + ink. Maybe next time.

  I tried using Sakura pigma micron pens.  They seem to be similar to Zig pens, just a different brand.  Unfortunately, the ink viscosity was not ideal.  They pigmented ink seemed more opaque.

3.) Dried with hair dryer. Lightly sanded with 320 wet- This was a mistake. The water wiped off the ink in the leaves. I had to redraw and redry.

4.) lightly dry sanded the ink. It made subtle scratch through marks on the art. I don’t think I’ll sand the art next time.

5.) Spray with 2 coats of matte top coat. At Home Depot, they didn’t have Krylon acrylic clear coat, so I bought Rustoleum’s version. See below.

6.) Let it dry. The final coat left some clear coat “flecking” here and there. I guess I could buff it off or sand it down.

Thanks for your help guys.

Howzit sidestreet, I find it interesting that water affected it since after I do a pinline with Zig's I woukd wash the board with soap and water before glossing and I never had the ink come off. Zig's aren't even affected by the extra styrene I put into my glossing resin where as with Posca pens (acrylic Paint)the styrene tends to lift the pin line and even bleed a little. For the kind of art you're doing I would suggest that India ink would be your best bet since resin doesn't affect it at all. Aloha,Kokua


I have no idea why the pigment lifted off. I gave it a good 2 hours outside. Anyway, I redrew it, and then I used a hairdryer to set it. We won’t really know what happens until it gets surfed…

Howzit sidestreet, Styrene is the culprit, It's also what lifts the acrylic paint in Poscas. It's a resin thinner and we know what effect paint thinner has on paint so you can expect the same results with styrene on resin. With Poscas and Zigs you have to make sure the pinline is totally dry if you need to do a second coat which is normal. If the first coat is not completly dry the styrene will cut thru the top coat and affect the first coat. I usally wait about 15 to 20 mins before doing a second coat.Aloha,Kokua

Aloha Kokua,

Doing archive research this morning on pinlines and had a queastion if you don’t mind? I have been doing a number of different approaches to the damn pinlines and allways get dirty results. Here is the process I want to try -

After hot coat sand with 220 and lay pin over cut lap line with zig pen.

Let dry 24hrs then gloss.

Should there be any sanding of pin or coats of epoxy over it before gloss?

I was doing that trying to protect the pin from bleed and sanding but it makes for a raised area I don’t like next to my rail!

I have had the epoxy seperating off of the acrylic paint and won’t be using acrylic anymore.

Or should I just put the pin on last and spray polycrylic over it? I don’t want to feel a bump though and feel it will scrape off this way???

Please help - I like pins and don’t want to give up. Mahalo’s

Howzit chriss, First off I don’t do epoxy. I have never waited 24hrs for pinlines to dry, maybe a hr. at the most. I also never sand them. What I use for the edge is a wall paper seam roller to flatten the edges before glossing. Poscas will bleed a little due to the styrene in the resin, but never had it happen with Zig pens or india ink.Poscas are acrylic paint pens and zigs are pigment ink and then there’s india ink which has been used forever for pinlines.Aloha,Kokua


that’s really nice work there. Is there any more art on the baord…More pics.