Krylon Paint?

hey guys,
First off, i’m new here, so be nice if this is a dumb question…i’ve been looking through some of the posts and it seems that a lot of people claim that paint smeers on eps blanks when they are glassed. Is this true? If so are Krylon H2O Latex Spray Paint’s ok to use for my eps blank? Or is there a better way to paint my blank?


Welcome to Sway’s swanny!

Krylon H2O is just fine on EPS. I’m assuming your planning on using spray cans? Thats how I did my first. If you use them remember that multiple thin coats are much better than one or two heavy coats. Spray guns are far superior to cans, even the cheep Harbor Freight guns. Unless you have a compressor and spray gun at your disposal I’d stick with the rattle cans for your first. Also, be sure that the edges of your tape are down tight and even with that some of the paint may seep through the gaps between the EPS beads. This will happen less with light coats of paint. Have fun and please post some pictures of your progress We live for that sort of thing. Good or bad, its all good here!

yeah, I was going to use the spray cans since i dont own an air compressor…Hope it turns out good and i will have to let you know, Thanks for the information!

Hey Swanny,

Krylon H2O Spray is the way to go with EPS. I’ve been using it for over a year now on every board I make and no problems at all…