Kwik Kick info

Updated information on Kwik Kick on our website.

Is anyone selling this on Oahu? I think my brother checked about getting some sent here and the amount he would have to ship in was way too much for what we’re doing.

Jeff Johnston will have it soon.  Can’t give a date but soon.

Aloha Greg:

Do you know when Topper will have the Kwik Kick available on Kauai?

Soon as well.  He may have gotten a sample … Not sure.  He gets shipments fairly frequently so it shouldn’t be long. 

This message is for the ones who project to get some resin using airlines, specially the American ones: just don’t!!! I was in a hurry to try the new KK, so i bought 1.5 gal from Greenlight and some additive F. The flight was New York- St Marteen, luggage arrived 4 days later and without the resin… “Funny” thing they didn’t take the additive F. Guess i should follow Greg’s advice. BTW, if you know someone in Newark airport, there is 1.5 gal of KK for free!!!

For info, i did it with poly resin several times with Air France from France to Martinique (FWI) and never get any problem…

hey greg,


really looking forward to trying this stuff out. i am assuming SeaBase in Europe will be carrying it, so that will be great news if so.


Also noted that it doesn’t exotherm very much, so, no more two pour finboxes?



So far I’ve done two Pro Box Quad installs into 2lb EPS with Kwik Kick and had no exotherm problem whatsoever. Hardly seemed to give off any significant heat, so I imagine lower density EPS would be fine as well. So much better than multiple pours or slow hardener…

That was my main concern,now I really can’t wait to try this stuff.

I did a skin with it the other day…saved me one and a half hours of my precious life.


9/11 ...... you'd think we were shipping nuclear fuel rods.

I've used it with Futures, O'Fish'L's and FCS Fusions at above 90F  with no issues.  It doesn't exotherm any more than the 2100F.

What a godsend this stuff is. I ran out and decided to use up some bits of other products then went back to KK. Huge diff. Lays down nice and thick which for a poor sander like me is such a help. Also, I have some stiff cloth that won’t lay down on the corners at random times and with KK I can come back and nurse it so that it lays nice and flat somewhere between the A and B stage. My garage temps are above 90 degrees now and I have to work fast but no prob yet.

Remember to mix well but don’t leave it in the pot any more than necessary. Pour it out in three strips on the board to reduce exotherm. Put your blank in the house to cool it off before you lam if you are worried about time. don’t let the sweat drip off your elbows onto your board. Same with the gloves. They fill with sweat and drip. And don’t be tempted to lam shirtless. Unless you are a good looking chick and willing to post pic’s.

it's really great to have you here greg,

you've been here awhile now and even in your business success you still look out for the little guy,the backyarder.

nancy katin was right about you, are truly a good person.

thanks for sticking around ............and ya.........the kk is the bomb!


What Herb said.


Low rent backyarder happy to have the advice.

Keeps me product loyal.

Greg seems to be retired, travelling the world, in China now?

Or maybe just a huuuge break

KK rocks hard!