LA Surf Start-up is Looking for Teammates


My name is Archie and I’m the founder of Surfbuds, a young start-up based in LA working on making a wireless solution for listening to music while surfing (or doing any other water sports activities). The project is at an early stage, but I already raised some money for prototyping and we are starting to work on design next week. I’m looking for an Electrical Engineer and Mechanical Engineer who also share my love for surfing to join me in making this product. I think it will be a great product and a very cool project to work on. I have very compelling proposals, please feel free to contact me if your are interested!

t: +1(310)890-5107

87.2% of the reason i go in the water is to get away from electronics, phones and technology.

Wood be good for swimming laps!

People who come on here trying to hype their “products” need to be sent for a one-way swim.

You appear to be working on the solution to a problem that does not exist.

How are you going to hear people calling you “kook” in the water, now?

Hey Gordof,
I’m totally with you in regards to getting away from electronics. Yet, let me contemplate that it is because you want to get away from a specific aspect of electronics–you being “online” all the time. And that is also one of the reasons why I like to surf.
Our product on the other hand is strictly for music: there is no messaging, phone calling, internet browsing, etc. It is made for 1 purpose.
As a bonus they also work as earplugs, and if you want you can always turn it off and listen to the sounds on nature.

Hi SammyA,
Please notice that in the original posting I’m reaching out to this community to find engineers. I am NOT promoting any products here (it doesn’t even exist yet).

Hi Bill,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Could you please elaborate a little bit more on it? Why do you think so?
I personally talked to around 50 surfers so far in SD area and had tons of positive feedback; around 90% of people who were surveyed wanted the product.
Perhaps it is due to misunderstanding of the product design and functionality that you might have at this point.
So, there are basically 2 parts:

  1. Bracelet. Kind of like a “fitbit,” but a bit smaller. Serves as your music storage and remote control.
  2. Earbuds. Relatively small size (similar to “surf ears”). Slick and ergonomic design. There are no wires at all. Also work as earplugs (keep the water out)

Hi Acqua_Glassing,
I don’t think it is something that anyone would like to hear, so not hearing people calling you “kook” or whatnot I think is a plus. Also, there is a mute button on the device if you would really want to hear some opinions about yourself;)
But seriously, why would you be called that? Do you also call anyone who wears earplugs that same word?

He should target this lame device to SUPers. They’re the type that go for lame crap like this.

I suspect it’s a millenials thing. Although I have no interest in such a product myself, I could see this being popular among the younger crowd, who seem to crave a constant electronic connection to the digital world, as opposed to the natural connection to the physical world that many of us older guys appreciate about surfing.

^^^ Wut he said

Thank you for your feedback, Huck!
You are right that it is more targeted at the younger crowd. But although being a “younger crowd” myself, I really value surfing for its physical aspects. What I’m trying to convey is that we are not making a product to get you away from physical into digital. You are still out there on your board catching waves. We just want to add your favorite vibes when you go out in the water. I’m also an active person, and I love to listen to music when I ride a motorcycle, snowboard, run, workout, etc. I guess I just want to listen to music when I do my favorite activities and I don’t see any obstacles why it cannot be done while surfing.

the sound of the ocean is music to me, the crack of the lip hitting, the crash of the waves, the rattle of the rocks under the water, hey maybe I could play this cd over my earbuds with your system…

My favorite “vibe” is silence. I don’t want to hear music, and I sure as hell don’t want to hear other people.

So, you don’t even surf? Figures.


I guess you not our TA then.
Of course I surf:)

My favorite ‘‘vibe’’ when out surfing, does NOT ENTER my ears, it comes from BETWEEN my ears.


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

All those ear plugs can be really dangerous when used where you need attention. Yesterday a young girl cross road in front of my car she listen music and look her phone while return home from school. She cross road without looking in a place where nobody even think to cross this road! It was a miracle I can stop in extremis. She was shocked, scared and sorry, she was in her dream, I hope It’ll be a lesson for her and my two young daughters that were in my car. So keep your ear plugs out of water when surfing, it’s even dangerous with crowd on spots.