LACSA Board Limitations

I realize that this may not be an appropriate topic for this site but I’m kind of desperate. I am leaving for CR this Saturday on LACSA out of JFK - in NYC. I just got off of the phone with the baggage rep. who says that the airline only allows 1 board per person. This is very distressing to me as both my wife and myself planned on bringing 2 boards each. Has anyone flown LACSA out of Kennedy lately and had trouble bringing more that 1 board? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

call surf express in florida…they package numerous trips to CR and may have some insight. “GRUPO TACA, the owner of surfer friendly LACSA AIRLINES…” I brought three boards including a 9’8 volan heavyweight, no problem (except for my shoulder). That’s probably the “official” word. Plus, I’ve found that means 1 “bag”. Also, I’ve been asked how many boards and said one, when I had more. Pack your clothes in with the boards and it hides shorter boards…only the tail of the longer board is visible.

ive flown down there on lacsa a bunch of times, most recently a few weeks ago- pack both boards in one bag (so you each only have 1 bag), dont ask any questions, look like you know what you are doing, and when they ask how many boards- say one- if you are nice, sometimes they dont even charge you. every time i go there i take two boards and ive never had a problem. my only other suggestion is to get there a little later than you normally might- this probably seems counterintuitive, but ive found that if there is a line and lots of restless people, they are less likely to give you a hassle (plus your boards get on the plane later and come off earlier). when you get to the terminal: the place is a mess- put your boards up by the desk as soon as you get thru the detector & dont take your eyes off them. that way you dont have to shuffle thru the line. pura vida john

Bryce - I fly to Costa Rica twice a year at least on LACSA out of JFK and usually take two boards in one bag no problem. Just be VERY cheerful and polite (catch more bees with honey…) when you get up to the counter and don’t offer any information as to how many boards are in the bag. I’ve been charged $35 to $75 as LACSA seems to not really adhere to a firm rate schedule. Many times, I’ve not been charged on the return trip from Juan Santamaria Airport which is nice but, keep some cash on hand just in case - and don’t forget $$$ for the “Exit Tax” when you leave C.R. It’s up to $28 per person I think. Have fun down there - will be right behind you in 3 weeks. Pete

my son and i went down to CR last summer and took three boards—no problem BUT–they asked to open the bag at metal dec—cause i packed a screwdriver in with the boards and it caused a small fuss—however , afterward one of the officers escorted me right to the counter so i could check the board bag in ‘at once’-----speedy check in? $50 charge on the way down but no charge on way back

Several carriers commonly impose restrictions on baggage during peak travel times. A couple have been known to refuse to take any surfboards during the peaks, and advise the traveler to air-freight them. I hope your wife likes one of your two choices…if not, rentals are available.