Lake Michigan West Coast

Howdy . . . I'm new here, but an older guy with a job that has relegating him to settle a few miles from the western shores of Lake Michigan (Illinois).  Always wanted to live in California or Hawaii . . but thats not how it worked out.  Nevertheless, I tried to learn how to surf as a teenager in NJ, and then gave up all hope of ever doing it again when I moved out here.  So . . . how many crazy guys are out in Illinois/Wisconsin who actually try to surf the lake . . . and where do you go to do it?




Dear West Lake Mchigan Wanabe,

Check Two Rivers and Sheboygan for surf.  Als Marquette on the East side of Superior.

Here’s a link to the Superior Surf Club:

Here’s my buddy’s compilation surf forcast page (watching the GLCFS waves is easyiest):

Here’s a link to the great surf we got 2 weeks back on Superior:

There are only a few surf shops in this region:

Third Coast in New Buffalo MI


There are very fewlocal shapers/board builders in this area (myself included, but I’m in Minneapolis)

Let me know if you make it over to Superior.

Mike Bouchard

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