lam around wings and swallows

I did the prerequisite search on this but came up with nada. I have built six or seven swallow tails or boards with wings and always end up at the same place. When I laminate the top I always seem to get fabric bunching up over these corners of foam. I have tried every imaginable relief cut, I’ve tried no relief cut, but I always end up with a bubble on top of the bump. I get a beautiful lamination at all other points but these and can’t seem to overcome it. Any suggestions? oh yeah, i’m using polyester and e glass - 6 oz. and lamming bottom first.

I sometimes get bubbles and I’m using epoxy which gives me tons of time. I’ve also used numerous cuts but now, on clears, I just mix a little cabosil into the resin at the end of the laminate and fill the buggers in. I’ve also used this on opaques and that works great as well. Now tints…

Oh yea, I forgot this one. With polyester resin you can scrape thickened resin off the drips on the floor or from the bottom of your laminating bucket after the resin has gelled with a razor blade. You then use that resin to fill the bubbles. And that does work with tints.