Lam Resin V.S. Sanding resin

Can someone please go into what the difference is… I ordered “epoxy” resin from and I looked for “sanding resin” but they have no such product listed. Is the resin I bought (1 gal resin, 1/2 gal catalyst) good enough to do both coats? from what i read, lam is just the fiberglass layer and sand coat is just extra resin spread on to avoid sanding into the fiberglass. Am i right? or do I need to buy “sanding resin”… im glassing a 7’0" EPS thruster w/ FCS plugs going in… also, is this the correct order for laminating… rails, top, bottom, top(2nd layer)

Just a couple of basics you haven’t noticed.

Poly resin uses catalyst, and with a sanding agent, wax in styrene, added to make a sanding coat.

Epoxy resin uses hardener, and has both uses as laminating and sanding coats.

Someone else will explain it better, but that’s the basics.

Resins are casting agents. They basically form a mold - very brittle.

If you add a surfacing agent to the resin, it can be sanded more easily. For polyester resin, this is a wax. For Resin Research Epoxy, it is Additive F. This makes the resin sand more smoothly. In the case of polyester resin, it also makes the resin weaker.

So, laminating resin is just for forming a mold around the glass. Sanding resin is for applying a thin sandable coat on top of the laminating layer. For epoxies, you make your own sandable resin by adding Additive F to Resin Research epoxy.

alright thanks… just making sure I wasnt getting ripped off for the resin if I had to turan around and buy more. Ya I looked, it says hardener… my bad. It is 1 gal resin 1/2 gal hardener witha small ding repair kit. Any recommended amounts of how much resin/hardener for each part of the board… keeping in mind ill need some left for the sand coat… is the 1 1/2 gallon set enough for an entire board both laminating and sand coating?

This is a general apology for asking all the “retard” questions. I have spent hours looking for info and have come up short several times, so I am asking all the newbie question and biting the embarrassment bullet for all future newbies. Thanks for all of your patience.

The really lucky thing about epoxy is you just mix small batches as you need them. Big syringes (no needle{!!}) are perfect.

so basically I should lam by board “turkey baster” style? If so, I’m officially coining a new term for that method of laminating… if it’s not already used… it sounds funny

Sorry Scott, not explaining myself well enough.

The big syringes are for quick and accurate resin and hardener measuring into a cup, then make sure you mix it thoroughly, then squeegee it on, (sorry, no turkey basting).

If you are slow, big mixes run a good chance of getting hot and going off in the cup, (and burning your turkey).

I’m sure there are comprehensive glassing instructions in the archives, including sealing the blank before glassing, (and sticking a thermometer up the turkeys arse).

Thanks a ton for the help… ill post pics of the “turkey board” when i’m done. lol. I think all my thrusters from now on will be known as “turkey boards”

BTW… heres what im working with:

Check “mahalo to all who helped” for rocker and tail pics… not on my home computer and cant attach