lam with normal printer paper

If this topic has already been covered here, I apologize. I did a bunch of searches and came up with nothing.

I have a foam stained board (dark colors) and need to put my logo on it (just black ink). The logo will surely disappear if I just use rice paper. I know the preferred method here is to paint the back of the rice paper white, but I am curious about just using plain white printer paper. I’m sure there is a reason why people don’t do this, but I am the kind of guy that needs to know why.

Has anyone here ever used standard white printer paper to lam a logo on a dark colored board? If so, what happens? Why is this not normally done? What is the benefit of taking the extra step to paint the back of ricepaper white?

Thanks for the help guys.

Hey I have also wondered about using regular printer paper for logos.  Hopefully someone has an answer because I would like to know as well.

My friend and I tried it, and the white is still slightly transparent, and it is thicker than rice paper, so it causes a slight bump under the glass. Glad we tried it, but no use in doing it again.

I did one board using 32# “Color” copier paper.  This is an acid free, super white expensive paper made for color copiers.  I used this specifically so I could get the graphics to POP.  I cut the edges with an exacto knife very close to the edges to make it disappear.  It worked very well for my application.

The pic below was my test sample I made and put in the sun for a week before trying it on an actual board.  The board is now 2 years old with no fading or yellowing of the logos.

Great work! Unfortunately that doesn’t solve my problem. The issue is not exactly the paper, it is getting white to show up on the lam. The lam is going on a dark color board, so I need a white background so the black ink of my logo does not get “lost” in the dark colors.

Going to try to spray paint the back of my rice paper white, as suggested by other posts on the forum. I was just hoping for a short cut. No dice.

You could also use a litle bit of opaque white lam resin and apply it where you want the logo to be, then lam as usual with your logo placed right on top of it…

Did this on some boards, and it worked just fine.

Next time, you should tape the area where you want your logo before doing your foam stain so you keep this area clear, just a little more straight forward.