Laminating Glass On Fins

Could someone please explain to me a basic procedure for glassing on fins? I know this is probably a lame question, but Im having trouble getting it right without making a huge mess of things and I dont really have a solid reference to go by. Any help would be much appreciated. Rob Va Beach

rob…i am no expert at glass-ons ive doen them once…how i did it and learned it is…i thickened some resin…put it on the bottom of the fin…placed the fin where i wanted it…then i dont remember wether u put the football patches aroudn the fin first…or u put the fin rope around it…ull have to wait for another reply…it was along time ago and my memory is shit…buteither way u do all of these steps…them cut the excess glass coming from the foot ball pacthes u laminated to the fin/board…then u hot coat it…sorry tryin to help but i dotn rem which of the 2 steps go first…im used to usng fcs and boxes…good luck dk

rope after patches then smooth it out. Watch closley for air bubbles and be prepared to hold things still with your hands(gloves). Austin

Get one of those spring clamps carpenters and boatbuilders use. Put it on the leading edge of the fin with the handles on the bottom of the board.Put a wedge under the inside handle to get the angle you desire.When done mix up some lam resin and put a thin bead around the fin.You may need to level the tail of the board so that the resin does not run off.If you have a hot glue gun you can use that instead of resin.When the resin is hard remove the clamp and set the fin.Cut the fin rovings about 1 1/2" longer than the base of the fin.Cut 2 patches per side,one slightly bigger than the other.Put a radius on the ends that attach to the board.Make the patches the same length as the rovings and at least 1/2 way up the fin.Have a board or some cardboard you can wet everything out on. Mix your lam resin (not to fast)wet one group of rovings out (not to wet) and place them against the fin.Do the same to the other side.Wet out the 2 patches and place them over the rovings on each side.With your brush or a small fibreglass roller remove the air. I pull apart the patches on the leading edge and as the resin is gelling pour a little bit in and close up the patches.This filles the little air pocket and helps you get a nice radius on the leading edge of the fin when you sand it.Let it set hotcoat and sand.

Sorry about the photo.I did not realise it was in the image window.

I done plenty without roving - just glass patches cut on the bias. If applied with the weaves diagonally, each patch supports the fin side to side and front to back. Roving only supports front to back. Today after getting out of the water, I saw a couple of name brand “professional” shortboards and it was very obvious the fins had been broken out and repaired at least once. I’m not sure if it’s to save weight or what but fins today seem to be barely tacked on. Fins have structural issues that it seems like a solid glass on lay up is worth the weight gain. Who wants to spin out at the bottom on the wave of the day when their inside fin breaks off? I’ve seen it happen.