?Lap Line Showing!


I just finished my first epoxy board (#2 density, 6oz bottom, double 6oz top, futures fin system) and the lap lines are showing through the top layer of glass. I used a new rasp and a new Surform blade but some how a brownish/blackish color rubbed onto the edge of the lap line I was trying to smooth out. How do you take the finish off of the surforms or metal rasps so only bare metal will touch the board and not rub off colors? I am going to do a simple rail line airbrush to hide the colored lap line, but next time I would like to use something that won’t leave marks (but i dont have the setup for an air powered sanding tool). Thanks for all the great info and the help! I Love Greg’s Resin Research Epoxy- It works great! -Brett.

The tools you are using are hardened steel. They have rust/corrosion on them; when I used those kind of tools, I soaked the blade in acetone before/after using, keeping it in a resealable plastic container. Then I moved on to stainless steel blades, like Micro-Plane, that cut much finer than Surform blades. Then I moved on to using Mirka 80 grit which is the industry standard. It is a bleached white sandpaper used in the furniture building profession. Finally, I now use an air die grinder with an 80 grit green Rol-loc disk (2 inch diameter) and get perfect results. Choose your weapon wisely; and be sure it’s clean…

with Greg’s resin, I use only a sanding block with 40 & 50 grit sandpaper, unlike laminating resin, it can be sanded without clogging the paper while doing the laps

you have to use a clean surform blade, or find a way to knock off the rust from the one you’re using. A quick shot of spray after you’re done shaping might help, but generally, just surform a scrap of foam or wood, or hit it up with a wire brush.

Or don’t let the surform sit so long it has a chance to rust.