Lap tape for slow epoxy?

Spent today trimming and cleaning after using blue 3m tape with slow, kind of thin epoxy. The epoxy either soaked thru or migrated under the tape to leave a layer of epoxy under the tape. the tape lifted OK but the layer of epoxy is uneven, a little bulky, unwanted. A search post said use scotch green 231 for polyester. Any help? Thanks.

I feel your pain… had a similar problem on my last board with tinted cutlaps… I was using “automotive” tape but I guess that after a couple of hours any tape is gonna soak through. What I may try next time is come in after the resin has gone tacky and cut the lap carefully with exacto knife and carefully pull the tape before the resin has fully gelled. Should be tricky but I figure any small drips that I get could be cleaned off easier than the rough and bump of the hard resin soaked tape bits left otherwise. Then again, maybe using a faster hardener on cutlaps may solve the problem altogether…

epoxy doesn’t need anything special in the tape department…just plain ol’ masking tape works like a charm…doesn’t even need to be the 3M 233 solvent resistant kind (required for polyester resin). just get the cheap stuff! that blue painters tape doesn’t bend around curves as well, and definitely doesn’t stick as well. great for painting…not so great for glassing!!!