Lapping fiberglass that isn't wide enough

I am doing a classic longboard and my fiberglass is to short to lap all the way to the cut lap on both sides.  I don’t want to bring the cut lap in anymore.  Can I lay 1 layer of 6oz down and cut it to rail on one side, and lap the other side, and then do the opposite going the other direction?  I would end up having to sand the line on the one side, but is this going to compromise the lamination in any way?  Not worried about weight, was going double 6oz top and bottom.  Thanks


Get wider glass  

if you refuse, sure you can do it your way- if I ya not standard clear E glass your gonna see some shadows. 

If your using tints or its definitely gonna leave different color depth from layers/saturation 


Almost every time I have made due on a fairly major procedure, with what I had, rather than getting what I knew was the best product for the task, I have regretted it.


I’d say get wider glass and don’t risk it.

So the choices are:

1. Make a smaller lap, 

  1. Get the size glass that you need for a bigger lap.

  2. Go total hillbilly and screw up the whole project with some half baked wacky idea to save a dollar.  

I say don’t design a new process that’s guaranteed to give you grief.




I’m a slow learner, but not this time.  I couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger and will just wait a week to get it done.  Came up 2’ short on the cloth I had that was wide enough and the imagination started taking off.  Three solid replies and I I’m glad I didn’t go for it!  

Not applicable to this situation 'cause the OP has already decided to get the right sized cloth, but years ago one of my guys wanted extra glass at the nose and tail so we skipped the deck patch and I did a 3-stage lamination: 1st layer like normal in clear, then I taped off a cut line 7" off the stringer and I did one side in red and came back and did the other side in blue.   No pinlines.   Definitely hillbilly and I’ve never done it again but it was an interesting exercise.  

You could also lap on the center of the board.  Do a cut lap 2" on each side of the stringer.  Now you’ve increased strength and overcome your width problem…only you’ve used twice the length of cloth.