Large delam repair

Looking at repairing a large delam on a longboard. There’s a section of about 3 feet from the Center of the board to the tail area that has several large delams. So far I’ve cut off the glass and some areas pulled up some foam with it up to 1/4 inch deep. My plan is to fill the area and re-glass with some overlap out to the rails. Just thinking will a large area such as this filled with q-cell/resin (50/50) change the board’s flex and create buckle points? Using silmar 249a as it’s a poly job. Any other alternative method that would be more effective or am I just overthinking it?TIA

Maybe someone more skilled about board repair will respond with more detail.
But LeMat like to use a mixture of resin and glass microspheres/micro balloons — weight. Q-cell could get a bit heavy if you had to add a lot.

Try with A+B PU foam. Same material than PU boards. Works with Eps too.

Sicomin produces an epoxy foaming resin that would fill all iregularities. Just sand flush when cured and re-glass. This foam is a bit more dense than usual PU foam and will help prevent future delams.

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The problem with using resin and fillers for deep de-lams is that if the locations are under your feet and the board is to be ridden rather than a wall hanger, the resin and fill mix winds up being brittle and crunchy under the feet. US Composites sells 2-part pour foam in a variety of densities. I’d use the 8# density spread with a squeegee onto the board to ensure a good bond.

This is probably way too late to help, but maybe others will see it.

I refinished a 10’ board last year or 2 years ago. The board had several deep dings that were fixed with resin. I used old PU foam pieces I had laying around to make patches, so I routed out the areas that were really bad then add foam plugs. I used spackle for the small tears.