Last night I dreamed:

I had a calculator where I would plug in present temperature, humidity, and desired volume. The calculator then spit out menu of ratios and quantities for lam coats, hot coats, plugs, etc. It of course was the deluxe model that enabled polyester and epoxy toggling. Tonight I am going to add a neat photosensor that will gauge available sunlight for working with UV.

How about time of day for rate of temperature rise/fall for glosses and such? Maybe a verbal timer to prompt the glasser for gel time progression. Any chance for a suggested cure date from the time of the last wet work? I would think all this could be programmed into some kind of a machine…

Right on PlusOne. You’d want to have dew point to calculate future humidity. All this could be done in Excel but you’d have to load the variables everytime. You could possible have a weather system near the shop and do some sort of web based thing. Or just glass a lot and you’ll get the feel for it. Rob Olliges

this would take the thrill out of glassing stuff