Late 60s mini-guns

I bought both of these yesterday. One is an 8’6" Petrillo and the other an 8’ Chuck Dent. Not much to say about the petrillo: some dings I’m gonna re-fix (hopefully a bit better) but no big deal.

The Chuck Dent will be a little bit more work… trying to score an original W.A.V.E. SET box (someone installed a modern FU box instead…)

At first, I thought they were both vintage 69/70 boards. But then, on closer inspection, I discovered this “Flowers by Mark Hammond-68” marking. So, 68 for this one?

Any info about these boards welcome.

Just wondering where you found them? In Europe?

LLilibel03, I bought them from a well-known french shaper who imports vintage boards from the US.

Don’t tell me that one of them was stolen from you or someone you know?

I shaped a bunch of these in 1969 or so.Some were only around 18" wide.We called them Spears.About all you could do was point them in the right direction and go fast down the line.

Howzit Mr. Clean, I remember almost buying one for the islands but then found out they rode like you said so it was a nobuy. Can’t really remember what year it was but had to be between late 67’ to mid 68’ but not sure exactly when. Aloha,Kokua

Howdy amigo.

I’ve got your Waveset box and fin. You’ll have to wait until early May when I get back from San Diego, but I recently found an extremely weathered no-name 7’6" egg with the box and fin in great original condition (thanks to my folks who are willing to support my obsession with old boards by driving around CA and picking them up for me!). I’ll router it out while I’m home, and voila, you’re ready to start restoring.

Hasta manana.

Well…, what can I say?

OK, I’ll have to wait untill May, since there is no other option… (Sigh…!!!)

i look forward to following your restoration work balsa. ahhh it’s lovely to breathe new life into old boards.

I turned on the TV this afternoon and lo and behold Big Wednesday was on and it was up to the part where Matt is just walking up to the old stairway with that beautiful board of his shaped by Bear.

That Petrillo looks similar in the planshape.

Anyone know who actually made that board?

I checked out those video links and the one on Utube with the guy doing artwork was truly inspirational.You young dudes have the world at your fingertips via the internet.I am constantly amazed at the amount of info out there.Seems to me like the Bear Surfboard deal got into big legal hassle?It involved Billy Hamilton and some movoe guy that had the rights to the Name.I can’t remember just who the real “Bear” was.I was thinking Bear Mirandon but I think that is wrong. RB

Howzit Mr. Clean, One of the producers( I think it was a producer) on the movie told Billy he could use the Bear logo on his boards and he did for years. Then he got into the clothing end and that’s when things got sticky. John Milius(The director) got wind that Bill was making some pretty good money from the clothes and he’s the one who told Bill he couldn’t use the name and the person who told Billy it was OK didn’t have the right to say so. Bill actually went and saw Milius and was grabbed by the throut and put against the wall and told no way. Now Randy Rarrick has the rights to the Bear logo. I had a good laugh when Bill took every Bear hat and tshirt and cut the logo out of them so he was wearing the clothes with holes in them. Just shows how greedy those Hollywood guys can be, like Milius doesn’t have enough money as it is. Aloha,Kokua