Latest board build

At least for a while…

Just one more build… “Folks” had this built going during the Shapa on sought and I thought it may be a good idea to hold off posting another green board.

Wound up getting a “free blank” from a project and set out (like the bolt action) to speculate and make a few bucks.

I really dislike having boards that don’t work or selling off your junk, as the bad rap will no doubt follow you.

That considered, how about something proven and somewhat simple?

In trying to see a board in that blank, it hit me, McCoy… And I still have the template, as I lifted it years ago from a board I rode (back in the day) actually shaped by a high school buddy who had just got back from “down under” Skip Lefield, long story and I’ll spare you however for a small wave single fin, it was a ripper!

Decided to go with flat to vee with a quad twist. And “try to keep it simple stupid”.

And again thanks for ANY interest and/or constructive criticism



funky. Kinda out there. 

I like it


Good job.  Especially like the template and foil.  How do you like Millenium??  Lowel

I wouldn’t worry much about that, one man’s Mede is another man’s Persian, haha

Ya wanta know something cool? It glows in the dark, no kidding!

@ Huck, Just talked with another “old timer” and the story came around about those old crappy homemade boards from the late 60-early 70’s "rip downs.

And he said " as a kid I had a POS board with horrible lam and bumps all over and ha, the thing always wanted to go to the left as the fin was wrong!"

I listening and thinking another horror story, he ends with " I loved that board and it is still one of my all-time favorites"!

Maybe turning on a well deserving grom with what you deem a failure is the honorable way out.

@ McDing, the Millennium foam is nice! Note I’ve only used the “blue” and was impressed at the foam quality and actually being able to do the dance at a reasonable speed. Note the down side is what I will call out as limited selection of blanks I can use. It seems they blow the foam at one site and transfer to the stringer shop. Had to hurry them on the last custom order and did get some deep bubbles other than that, a little spendy but of good quality and boss balsa stringers!


I like it, really interesting. Care to share some numbers from it?


Can do, here’s the poop… tail to nose 15 3/4 “x 22 1/2” x 15" x 2 3/4"

Quad set up front @ 11 3/4" tail to rear dot and 1 1/8" in from rail 1/4" toe 6 degree cant. Rears @ 7",  2 1/4" in 3/16 toe 4 degree cant.


Cheers, nice job!