latest board: "roe"

ok, i finally got some shots of the new board. i built it in november, but i’ve been too busy riding it to take pictures. it’s since become my most used board.

it’s basically symetrical nose to tail, a perfect oval, wide point in the middle. that’s why it’s like an egg shape. then i extended the nose into a point by one inch. it’s fairly wide, thick, and flat, like a fish design. so it’s kind of a fish/ egg shape. hence the name “roe”.

get it?

i put in a single to a deep double concave. i don’t know if it’s this or the quad set up, but the board is drivey as hell. i really come out of turns with more speed than i had going in. the board is thick and flat, so it glides over flat or mushy sections without losing speed. it’s what i wanted out of my classic fish but never got. the board catches waves easily, plus it is faster and carves much tighter arcs than my fish.

i’ll probably use it a lot in the summer, but i used it all winter and put it into some steep overhead waves with great really hugs the wave face. i guess that’s the quad set up. but i prefer my shortboard for big fast days just because that’s what performs best. plus i put a bad ding in it on one big day, and i don’t want to ruin it.

i put in the extra fin box because i thought it would be neat to try multiple fin set ups on the same shape. quad, single, 2+1, thruster, twin, 5 fins… but i am having a great time with it as is. i want to get it really wired like this before i switch it up, so i can feel the difference.

thanks for reading!


ps. if someone can tell me how to get larger pics on here i’d be grateful. i compress them, but the kb is still too big. sorry.

That looks like a very fun shape. I’m in the planning stages of a 5 fin Griffin style. You’d have to get a set of three smallish fins to try it in that mode but I’d be curious.

To get pics on this site I use To open an account is free, takes about five minutes. You load your pictures there and then just drag the “image code” onto your post.