latest surfing world mag

…has a good interview with daniel thompson [mark thompson’s son]

and also a 1980s ‘drifta’ design by terry fitzgerald

good to see some design articles in surf mags again !



you’re right. nice to see new boards and stuff.

just got the new transworld surf…

(don’t much care for it, too much like ‘Peoples magazine’ for surfers, but it was a free subscription that came with a dvd and this issue was the swimsuit issue)

i’m noticing the multi fin convertable thing is taking off.

the Lost SD-4

the Byrne quad/thruster for Tom Carrol

and this odd board i’ve only imagined…

the FG competition.

anyone ever ride one of these?

(edit; just checked the webpage and the surfboard isn’t on it yet. it looks like the hip skateboard shape though. guess you’ll have to pick up the swimsuit issue to see it. oh well;)

curious how it rides. it looks a lot like a snowboard shape to me.