latest 'TSJ' ??


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HERO. Just opened up my mailbox and found my new TSJ. Around page 100 is Pinliner and a two page synopsis of the present state of surfboard production. Some good stuff. At a way.

just came across this thread at surfermag …

Has anyone read this yet ?

…I look forward to it …


i saw that same thing . . . I’m going to check it out too. . . . at first I thought it was TSW … . but few posts later realized it was TSJ.

hey chip that ROFL MAO pic you had earlier was hilarious!!!

the new tsj is awesome…theres also an article on the balsa Simmons board, inspiring to say the least!!!

oh, and GREAT cover photo, one of my favorites, EVER.

my wife just rang me at work to let me know it’s arrived today in the mail. stoked. love my tsj fix. looking forward to getting home.

Stoked for you, Oldy !

I hope that means mine will arrive soon … [west australia / W.A. = “Wait Awhile !” ]

still waiting for it in spain… maybe next monday?

best regards.

mine just arrived(east coast USA) i’m being reall’good" doing the school work and domestic stuff til i dive into it tonight…my wife is impressed(many brownie points) looks like a classic issue that will get read and reread…ok, i;m done ‘stuff’ going reading…:wink: