Lauran Yater

I ride my own boards exclusivly  and have for years with exception of this and a Hansen that Bill T. shaped.

Looks like a sweet board. I like that ultra-mini square as a complement to the stringer.

Lauren is one of the coolest people I know and a great surfer/shaper; the apple didn’t far far from the tree, and his mother Sally was awesome as well.  

Yeah I need to clean it up.  No dings. Just grime from melted wax.  Yeah Lauran’s cool.  Good shaper/surfer.  One of the best.  Going South in the AM taking it with me.  Lowel

Lowel - that is one nice board - your Yater 10’ oh is!
I met -Lowel for the first time and he first showed me his own shaped 8’6" diamond tail -which he did a nice 60/40 rail on, also, a concave in nose, and some nice rocker curves! As for his -Lauren Yater lb, man that is a nice looking board! My geuss w mini square tail is to prevent chipped pin tail! Ya know that gig…