layers of glass

ok 2 questions

you mix the resin and harnder together

  1. do you apply the mixture then lay the cloth and apply again

  2. How many times do you do this prosses (layers of cloth and glass)


First, check the archives and read everything on laminating. Put the fiberglass on your board(bottom first) and cut. Then mix resin with hardener. Apply the resin to the glass and saturate the cloth. Two layers on the deck and one on the bottom.

wait for the first layer on the deck to dry

or just do it

Hey NY,

Assuming you’re using a clark blank and polyester resin (not eps/epoxy):

Lay cloth(s) on the plain foam and the resin mixture goes on top. A pretty generic approach is one lam coat (cloth and lam resin), one sandcoat (sanding resin), and one optional gloss coat (gloss resin).

If you’re doing a logo with laminating paper, let us know. You would tack that down with a little resin under the cloth first.




I cut the first deck layer to cover the deck only. The second layer goes over this layer and laps onto the bottom(the same way you laminated the bottom, right?). Appy the resin to both layers at the same time. The deck takes a bit more time than the bottom for us neophytes so adjust your hardener time accordingly. Be sure to get the cloth saturated.