leash attachment inquiry........

i just scored a killer cooperfish longboard. i have a dilemma though, do i ruin its looks with a post lamination leash plug (he doesn’t do leash plugs) or go cordless and risk damage when the inevitable occurs? i’d rather do the former, but don’t know of any system thats clean. any suggestions?? thanx…ned

There’s a few companies that make stick-on leash plugs. The stick-ons might detract from the aesthetics of your board though. You might want to consider a simple glass rope loop on the deck. That might have a better look. Check the archives, I think you’ll find some more solutions.

I’ve used the O’fish’l stick on (epoxy) on two boards, including a Comet and a 3 stringer 9’8". It seemed like the lowest risk option and has proven bomb proof so far (knock wood). Surfco makes one too. It uses a different kind of adhesive, equally permanent however.

clear EZ plug. leucadia surfshop or beachhouse santa barbara http://www.cooperfishsurfboards.com

clear EZ plug. leucadia surfshop or beachhouse santa barbara …Gene, is the EZ plug the one that looks like a glass leash loop at first glance?Herb.

herb, it’s clear/round and about the size of a quarter.