Leash loop fetish

Im into this “pinline”. Posca? Sharpies? Looks pretty nice balsa…

Yeah, freehand purple Posca with thinner, trembled black Posca outlines. Here’s the board in the gloss-coat stage but the photo is a bit dark. Better ones (I hope) when it’s been polished.

Came back by to see if any of shwuz’s leash loops made it on here–I remembered them from the surfermag “design” forum

and there they are all! ( I still don’t get how you just figured out how to do those pinlines and all this stuff from looking at Sway’s but there ya go…)

Great thread!

Salut Balsa,

i like the trembled random hand scribbled pin lines. is it “french cuisine” as I saw Mc Fly doing something similar? I am about to do the pinlines on my fish. thought about the classic stuff but as they are my first pinlines maybe the trembled line is an easier approach!?

I hear there is a nice weekend swell forecasted for 40/64: enjoy!


Hi Zimmi, how’s Australia maaaaaaaate?

The thing about those pinlines is that it’s very easy to do and looks “fancy” at the same time. Use a wide-point Posca for the colour (of your choice) and let the rail edge guide the palm of your hand while drawing along. If you are very good at it, you’ll get a perfect pinline that won’t need any touch-ups. But I’m rather goofy, so the thin black Posca comes in handy, making irregular things look as if they were meant to be that way… Hehehe…

I too would like to say that I really like those pinlines, they look awesome.

Well, long time since I saw this thread, three boards down the line and I got me a massive leash loop on my fish…

I wanted it big so I could fit the leash strap without a bit of rope that could damage the board. So… here is possible the biggest leash loop in town!!

Nice Loop!..Leash loops are definitely cool but I think they need to stay retro. I wouldn’t put one on a thruster…maybe a retro quad…but if it was a modern quad like the one that al merrick makes it would look out of place.

Here’s another one…

very, very nice paul. as always, superb craftmanship.