leash plug

i was thinking of drilling a hole through the deck and through the fin box to attach my leash like the old longboards. do i need to fit something in the hole? our do it just put a bit of string through. will it dig in to the board like a chees grater?

Just use a leash cup…or loop…

do a search for “leash drill box” or something like that, and you should find step-by-step instructions. i never use leash cups…they look like crap. basically, you drill a 1/8" pilot hole from the back of the box to the deck. then come back with 1/4" from the deck back through the box. tape off one end, and fill it with resin (pigment the resin…usually white). then, once the resin has cured, come back and drill 1/4" right through the center. then thread your leash rope through that. this way, it’s sealed and water-tight.