LED Adjustable Light stands

Hello Everyone,

Saw a post on LED lights a while ago and figured I try it. Purchased the light kits at COSTCO, with one kit I was able to make the stand 10’ long

I can program 7 different colors it comes with 6 15" light strips and it took me about 2 hours to make 3 stands. The wall lights and shelf are adjustable about 30 seconds to change the height. The center stand height is also adjustable and I have lights on both sides for 2 shaping bays. The photos don’t do it justice

just thought I’d share


good idea. I like the adjustability aspect. I think l.e.d.'s last forever and they use less current than florescent. go green Where did you get the tri pod?

That is very neat, are you getting enough light output though? Contrast looks good but the photos are a bit dark. If you can get the output, LED might be the way to go, nothing more irritating than flickering tubes when you wanna finish up that rail line…

Camera tripods?

Thanks Tony

The tripods are adjustable roller racks from Harbor Freight, $9.99 each.Instead of attaching the roller on top of the racks I screwed in 3 peices of 2x4’s. Plus I have another set that I use for glassing the boards also they have roller racks that you can place your fiberglass roll on top of and pull out your cloth on top of your board works great


Thanks Surfer Dave

The 6 photos don’t do it justice, the output from these lights are super bright. Using the flash on the camara took away from the full effect, you can see every little imperfection on the foam. I’ll try a couple of photos without the flash and see if they come out better, as for the stands read what I told Tony it explains the stands


Nice job, What did a set of lights cost at Costco? I like the lighter weight possibilities of the set up, and getting 10’ on a side, thanks for sharing.

Thanks GFTD

They are CYRON Led lighting systems, 6 -15’ strips that can run 10’ no problem, each set cost $44.50. The 6 pictures don’t do it justice. They are super bright and you have 7 different colors to choose from and if you want to turn your shaping bay into a party room, blast the tunes and put the lights on music mode which will change colors to the beat. The center light stand is going to retract up to the ceiling when not in use via rope pulleys and I just move the tripod stands to the side.

Hope this helps

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Here are some better photos and it’s still plenty bright to find all your tools


Prolly go for :

roll of this stuff, 10 meters long for 25 euro’s gives 161W

I really need more light. If I could, I would channel bright sunlight through slits in the walls and just “shazam” beam it on the blank…