LeeV's fishy platter

Hey Lee - any info on how your ‘fishy platter’ board rides? (from Resource #859) I had forgotten I had looked at your board when you first posted it, then in the May '04 issue of Longboard Magazine, p. 91, there’s what looks like Anderson’s version - called a Pescado. Really sparked my interest as I keep thinking of getting something “fishy”, but I’m not really feeling the full retro thing. Don’t really like pointy noses, so really dig yours, Andersons, and the Steve Forstall CODA boards that Solosurfer posted at the end of the “Disappointed with my McCoy” thread. The two twin fin boards with rounded noses, one with rounded pin tail, the other with swallow. I had some questions for him about those boards, but maybe you might be able to answer them as well - mainly the one about the curvier planshape for the swallow tail. Does it make it easier to turn and/or track less? I also see that your board is 1" narrower than the Anderson, and 1/2" narrower in the tail as well. How does all the extra width perform in the water? My longboards are all 22" wide and 14" tail. Still haven’t decided on the swallow tail or not. All my current boards are rounded pins (for Hawaiian surf) and I’ve never ridden a swallow before. I’m also thinking about going with a canard quad setup like Manny at Mandala Surfboards does. Anyway, any information on your board and thoughts on the others like it would be much appreciated!

mahalo nui loa


Waxfoot I am the one who does the pescado with Anderson. It is an older Liddle design that Bohorquez did in the 80s that we updated. Ive been talkin to Lee and he is pleased with the board and is tryin different fins. Its a hull type bottom made to surf off the rails. I just got a new one, 6’10’‘x 23’'w n171\2 t17. Ill post when I get it wet.

My outline was taken off one of Scott’s Pesado’s (thanks to Kirk!) and in true garage hacker fasion, the dimensions changed a bit (Scott may have changed his too as mine may have come from Scott’s first pass at the shape). I really like the swallow tail as it reduces planing area in the tail and makes the whole board a little more rider friendly. My edge bottom stubbie has a similar outline and the wide tail block can create some real spin problems unless you are really on it.

I’ve ridden it as a tri-fin and as a single so far. The tri set up is a lot of fun as you can get squirt but it still gets up on a rail and holds the high line. It’s as loose as I want it to be but I’m an old fart. The single (bitchen 8.5 L-flex Kirk loaned me) rides like my stubbie but is way friendlier. Just a hair less drive than the stubbie but that could be from a zillion of different reasons.

I really want to try one of Anderson’s so I can evaluate the “edge” effect more. I also need a couple of weeks at an empty point break so I can really sus it out. (so far it seems the edge gives it a skatey feel until you really lean it over and it jumps into hyperspace).

I’ve had it out in some head-high inside out stuff and it held in real nice so I’ve never had any problems with width. The swallow lets you keep a straighter rail on a wider board which gives you drive (and lets you keep it on a rail).

All in all; I think the shape is a great update/alternative to a Hull…they still rail turn, hold a nice high line, turn from the middle BUT they can come off the top so much quicker and you can ride 'em backside…I hope Scott is making them with the Bahne box because they are a gas ridden as a single as well…

Hey Los LeeV hope your day went good .The 6’10’’ came out nice so we can compare. Mr.Curren got his back with fins unlimt. center box ,so will see.Couldnt come down to Keiths Liddle is here and gota go to SB to meet him half way to do some stuff.Via con Dios.

We’ll miss ya. Tell Greg hi for me…Keith and I spent a couple of hours glassing the past couple of days and we turned out a pretty nice one; blue tint bottom and deck laps with a cool cloth inlay for my daughter…Thanks Keith!!!

Kirk - where has Anderson’s fish influence come from? Asymmetrical or double foiled fins?

Kirk & Lee - Big mahalos for the replies. Real interested in seeing the pictures of your new board Kirk. A few questions more for you guys, if you don’t mind.

  1. Fins - The board shown in Longboarder is just a tri-fin RedX setup, but it sounds like Lee’s board might have a 2 + 1?? I was actually thinking of going with a canard quad setup like Manny does on his Mandala boards. Any thoughts on that? [ok, rereading again - see that yours has a Bahne box Lee…]

  2. Wave size - What’s the max wave size those boards can handle, with how wide they are? I live on the Big Island, so the waves can get some Hawaiian power behind them. That’s usually only during the winter though - the rest of the time we’re not really looking at much over head high. As long as it can handle up to head high, I’d be good with it.

  3. Swallow tail - Lee, thanks for the input on the swallow. I think you might have answered my question… As I think I mentioned, I’ve been riding rounded pins on my longboards. I want something with more push but that isn’t going to surf flat. I want to be able to get it on a rail and crank a turn. OK, guess I need to pay attention here. Just re-read in the next paragraph you mention having it out in head high stuff, Lee. And it sounds like the swallow gets points again for being able to hold the line. I guess the reason I’m pushing the point is that I had a 6’6 “spud” by Hamish Graham (14" tail) that used to get uncontrollable in larger surf. It just wanted to leap out of the water once it got that speed. Forget making the bottom turn - all I got was the kaboom of the lip detonating on my head. Of course my friends thought this was hilarious. Ha ha. Back to my longboards.

  4. Overall shape - sounds like the board you have Lee is just about what I’m looking for. Especially the bit about riding backside. Now is that due to your edge, or just a characteristic of the board itself? Tried to go back and look at your photos and description in the resources again, but it says the page has been moved or no longer exists… Just looked at it the other day for pete sake. Was having problems last night too… Anyway, now that I have to ask instead of look - how about the rest of the bottom shape? Any vee in the tail, or other defining characteristics other than the edge? I’m looking around at my limited options for shapers here on the Big Island and don’t want to get too far off the charts in my design.

Big mahalo again in advance Lee and Kirk for your input. I’ve been struggling around for months trying to figure out my next shape and drowning in too much information about too many different things. I think I may be finally on the right track…



I hate theorizing about this kind of stuff but I’ll throw this out…Scott Anderson and Steve Borjorquez Pescado boards are hulls with swallow tails and multi-fin set ups. Greg Liddle builds single fin or 2+1 hulls on Kauaii these days so the whole hull idea works in Island surf. Scott’s version is not as radical as Steve’s original or Greg’s current boards. The added outline curve, swallow tail, less pinched rails and shallower hull in Andersons Pescado gives you a hull feeling but gives the rider the option of going a whole lot more vertical and they are a lot easier to surf. The backside this is NOT a result of the edge bottom.

The Pescado is going to make an easier transition from longboard to shortboard than a quad fish. It would make a great board for head high + Town or Windward kind of waves…Screaming offshores and North Shore power; no.

My version has a dead flat bottom with thinner, more turned-up rails than a Pescado. Those attributes are to work with the edge. A Pescado (as memory serves) has a subtle but noticable roll behind center going to flat through the fins.

My fin set up is a modified 2+1; the outside fins have a normal thruster location, toe and cant and the 8" box is back enough to put a small stabilizer for a classic thruster set up. Pop out the outside fins, you have a nice long box to put a single in and move it around. I think Curren has the same set up in his and I’m totally sold on it…maximum adjustability.

I’ve never tried Manny/Pavel quads though a lot of people are totally sold on the design here in SD…so I really can’t compare.

As for getting someone to make one in the Islands, the key ingredient is that nice little hull on the Pescado’s bottom, otherwise its just a fun board with a swallow tail. I would probably go to the source if it was me…

Oh, the edge bottom works killer with a single fin…planes nicely and has a little squirt when you roll from the flat bottom to the rail. With a thruster set up, I’m finding the edge bottom needs to be pushed hard to work best or it bogs and catches at slower speeds(something it never does as a single). Not sure why. You might be better off without it in Hawaii; you’ve all ready got all the power you need.

Please do theorize, Lee - I’m all ears!

I was thinking that I had never ridden a hull, so didnt’ know what it felt like, but then remembered I have an old Con… Mini Gun I think it’s called… that has definite belly. Of course I haven’t ridden it in years and it’s at my folk’s house in CA so I can’t easily take it out and ride it for feel. I remember it being pretty fun, but I was only a year or 2 into surfing at that point and could only really tell what I liked and didn’t like in the boards I tried, but not much else. Guess that means I still don’t know much about hull, other than what’s in the archives, and what’s in George Orbelian’s “Essential Surfing” - my bible before Swaylocks. Still refer back to it all the time.

Sure wish I had more experience with the hull. I checked Liddle’s site and read the archives ‘til I’m blue in the face (bagged in the eyes?) and my darn brain keeps coming back to what Mr. Orbelian says about belly: “A convex planing surface is the most inefficient.” There’s a whole paragraph actually, but you’ve probably read it before. I definitely wouldnt’ want “just a funboard with a swallow tail” as you put it. Guess I’m just new to the hull concept, as other than my old Con, I’ve never seen it or heard of it other than in the book until coming to this site. And the majority of people still going with the old standbys - flat, vee, or concave. Whether it’s the belly, edges or not, I definitely want to be able to surf it backside. I’m goofy foot, and luckily for me, there are a couple of lefts here for me to ride, but there are far more rights…

As far as fins go, I definitely like the idea of being able to ride a board more ways than one, though unfortunately I don’t push the envelope too much. Once I find a setup that I like for a board, I tend to stick to it, and not keep trying new things. Comfort thing I guess. Stick to the knowns. I guess I should have explained myself better on the quad fin idea. I was thinking of putting the quad on the Pescado / fishy platter, rather than getting one of Manny’s stock quads. Or I would ask Manny to shape me something like the Pescado but with the quad setup. I have some sort of weird aversion to pointy noses, and the really straight rails in the back of the board on the fish don’t sit right in my mind’s eye either. Obviously they work, or people wouldn’t be riding and liking them so much, but I’m not sure the effect is what I’m looking for. I do however like what Manny and George O. have to say about the quad. Manny says the quad setup “loosens up the board while maintaining surfer generated drive.” George says “The four fin is more positive and has more drive and projection out of turns than a twin because it has more fin area in the water. The four fin is looser and goes edge to edge quicker than the tri fin because the center fin on the tri fin always remains in the water.” Sounds fun to me… Guess I’m going to have to have a whole heckuva lot of removable fin setups on the bottom of my board to try them all! Or save some pennies and get more than one? Sigh.

Curren has a Pescado? As in Tom Curren? Now I’m going to have to get one of the darned things. His surfing is how I really want to surf the most. I could care less about the flippy trickster jump in the air loopty loo stuff. Just not my trip. I just want to smoothly carve all over the wave face. That’s really where I’m trying to get in a new board actually. Been doing the longboard thing for about 10 years now. “Nothing under 9” was my credo. But more and more I’ve come to realize that the way that I surf in my mind, either dreaming or while watching the waves, is a lot more suited to a shorter board. I quit shortboarding those many years ago because I wasn’t having fun anymore, fighting with the rest of the grumpy guys for waves. And I realize now that it’s going to be a challenge for sure, but maybe one I have to take on. Perhaps go with a bit of thickness to the board, and definitely the width. I’ve been borrowing my girlfriend’s 7’ mini tanker, and the second time I rode it (first was a disaster) and carved a tight cutback and rebound off the pocket, I could have jumped for joy. Chose to rather ungracefully fall off instead. So the new board thing has been a bit of a holy grail quest for me. I think to the point of actually overthinking it and being totally lost about what kind of board I should get, so I’m stoked to feel like I’m on the right track here.

As far as the Pescado goes - what are board prices running there these days? I’m almost afraid to ask. Plus the shipping to Hawaii?? Holy moose. That’s the biggest reason why it would be nice to have someone shape me one here… But I think you’re right - if I want the Pescado, I should probably go to the source.

Any other input or ideas you have Lee, I would most definitely appreciate. Especially regarding the fins and perhaps the length as well. I’m a bit nervous to drop below the 7’ threshold. It was a big step to knock 2 feet off the 9 and get on the 7. Talk about instant clown out in the water. And I still don’t have that board anywhere near dialed. Baby steps, baby steps…

mahalo in advance…



How does the hull of these boards differ from the McCoys? Different planshape obviously… Planing to build something similar



You’ve already probably read about how “hulls” ride so there is not much more I can say that hasn’t already been said…Why not go with a 6’10 with a large box…surf it as a single fin for a while as it will be more “longboardish” then switch to a tri or even a twin set up. Shipping is about 60-75 bucks UPS. Kirk will know how much Pescado’s go for ($400 or so). They do killer glassing too. I know they’re pretty popular if it took Kirk this long to get his…Oh yeah, don’t worry about the hull thing too much, the Pescado is just plain fun… after a couple of good waves it’ll feel right.

Haavard…I’ve not seen a real McCoy so I can only comment on the stuff I’ve seen on their web site…I think a Pescado’s roll is more subtle (not as steep) and the location is more forward than a Nugget. I’m pretty sure the design theory is the same; quick rail to rail but a nice down-the-line pull, high-line surfing with more “bank” than pivot.

Aloha Lee - 6’10 is close enough to 7’ I guess for me not to be any more clown on it than my girlfriend’s 7’ board. Plus the width should make up for the length I imagine. How does Kirk’s new 6’10 look?

Shipping price seems a bit low for shipment to Hawaii… If it’s really that low, it’s probably worth doing. Used to work for UPS in Honolulu, but don’t remember the costs for anything - just used to load the trucks. Know it’s expensive though, as you have to go air as opposed to the cheaper ground rate.

How long did it take Kirk to get his, by the way?

Super big mahalos again for all the informative replies, Lee. Now I have to figure out how to get one… Girlfriend’s over in the mainland right now, but up in the Bay Area, and only for about 3 weeks more…



Hey Waxfoot my board took a while cause Anderson had some orders for two 6’10’s in Santa Barbara that I let go first. Theres a 6’10’’ like mine shaped and ready to glass.,check your private messages.Aloha KP.

Eastern I didnt see your post ,Larry Block just sent me the Red X fiberglass 80/20 foil so will see.Bojorquez had Liddle shape this template in early 80s because Steve wanted to see if he could make a 3 fin that felt like his stubbies of that time . The Malloy bros. got a hold of the original Liddle thru Matt Miller and me and didnt want to give it back so I had Anderson update it with help from those guys cause I had to return the Liddle to the owner.When I went up to give the Malloys there new one back we saw T.Curren at lunch he saw it and then he ordered one . Toms and LeeVs have a small fins unlit. box in the center and the side fins are Red X. Its not a Fish in the Lis type,but more just a hull with 3 fins,very fast and fun. I also got some big twin fins for it but havnt tried um yet.

Ho Kirk, sent you a reply, and a message to Keith just now about potential transport…



I like the idea of multiple fin set ups…

what a great set of test pilots in zona pitas…

I will look forward to some feedback and pics….pretty please

All those guys are most definitely way more qualified as test pilots than humble old me, but if I can manage to get one to me over here in Hawaii, I’ll do my best. :wink: Still waiting for Kirk’s pictures and thoughts on his. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get Mr. Curren and the Malloys to post about theirs? Heck, I know the pros surf at a way higher level than especially humble me (oh, the horrors :smiley: ) but I think it would be really interesting to hear their thoughts on design. Especially guys like Tom Curren, or Derek Hynd, or even Dave “Rasta” Rastovich, who actively change around what they ride for the feeling of it. Don’t think it was too long ago that I read something about Curren going at one of his boards with a hacksaw just to try something different…