Leroy Grannis

I have just spent the past 2 1/2 hours with one of my surfing world idols, Leroy “Granny” Grannis, the Ansel Adams of surf photography.

The 91 year old Grannis is currently living in a Torrance nursing home, and would like to have visitors, especially those of you Swaylockers who have had their photo taken by this legendary lensman…

His eyesight is shot, and he can’t sign pics or posters, but his speech and memory are first rate. I brought along one of his photo books, and he honored me by sharing story about the shot set ups and subjects.

He is at Del Amo Gardens on Kent St., South of Sepulveda and West of Ocean.

Not too many visitors at one time, mind you, for he has a roommate who requires much rest. Remember, it is a old age home, not a private home or apartment.

Spread the word. He deserves our hommage. Most of us grew up with his photos of Miki, Dewey, Nat, and Noll.

Call him to arrange a visit.


Grannie’s phone number would be most helpful?

What the heck is he doing in an old age home? He should be in one of our homes! MY wife and I would gladly take this old chap into our home for the remainder of his epic life.

He is there to be close to his son, John, after the death of his wife of over 60 years, Katie.

He does miss his Carlsbad home, and breakfast at The Beachbreak with his many friends.