Let`s be honest

What surfboard design is really about:>>>To those who think not “lookin good” doesn’t matter. Well then your wrong. >Cause all that matters is lookin good.>>>So what kinda boards do you “use” to get the hottest chicks?

Dude you rule. Always breaking balls. …for me the ladies always enjoy the red longboard. works like a charm. Or try some skulls, girls will think you real tough. You should give it a try Mr. Ball Breaker. For those of you who think im serious… loosin up cause im not.

A good lookin’ board is very important if it’s gonna sell. But, “You ain’t got a thing, if the board just won’t sing”. (I just made that up). Its gotta perform or you got all show & no go.

…I paint the tips of my fins PINK!!!It drives the women crazy!!!Herb

thinking like that should be left on 2ndlight.com.

Hey…I could care less what my board looks like…but It has to work. Hot chicks are a dime a dozen, but good clean waves on a board that is smokin…well that’s priceless!

Rusty once said that if a board looks appealing to the eye (I know he meant the shape) that it would probably work good as well. I think he is wrong or maybe right… remember the seagull beaks, the thick through-out boards (like his retro’s, how about flip noses, wide noses…did they look good, did they ride good…some did and some didn’t. In the eighties a potato chip board would have looked hideous, in the late nineties a board with out nose flip would not have been hep… EVERyONE KNOWS THE LADIES PREFER LONG_BOARDS!!! 10+

Looks definalty have allot to do with it for many surfers, but looks definatly arnt everything. Ive ridden some pretty boards that well just sucked, and ive ridden some ugly ones that were magic. My brothers first board he shaped was a lil bumpy on the rails, and not Perfect and no color, but the guy who ended up buying it later, Loved it everytime he goes out he tells us how he loves the rocker, rails and everthing about it. this guy had been surfing for like 20 years, and a bumpy not so attractive board is his all time fav… Amazing. I guess if your surfing for the girls get yourself a pretty board, but if your surfin to surf, get something you love to ride!!! john C