Let's Make A Deal...

I have too much stuff in my workshop. Anyone want to trade or make a deal??? Cold cash would be nice ,maybe you have something interesting I could use. I can’t ship…needs to be a local deal. Send me a PM…

Left to right

6’11" x 21 3/8" x 2". Never seen water. Might be the perfect board for your grom…

6’8" x 20 1/2 x 2 3/8 made from a broken fun board. Rides great. I did a thread on this one. I will search for the link…


6’11" x 21 x 2 1/2 shaped EPS blank. I was making an 8 footer and it got away…Made this instead…

Don’t be shy…All offers considered…

I am looking for the following items

fiberglass fins ,longboard fins , fiberglass cloth (no scraps please) ,stringer material PVC or wood , resin filler , Longboard blank over 9 feet , thickness planer , hand planes , padded board bag 7’ + , tints and pigments ,misc???

Hi stingray,

I’m liking your eggie board on the right with the round pin. I’m a bit too far and have nothing to trade except too many surfboards. Just like the template, clear finish,very clean lines. Mike

Hi Mike ,

Send me a PM with your address and I will mail you a paper copy of my template for that surfboard. That board a modified version of my hard template…


what is behind door number 5hree???

whadda bout a raffle?

whadda bout contributions and send the board off

to the needy in pampalona?

trading boards to guys that make boards is a tough sell

trading boards off to carpenters or masons or mechanix

of lawyers or politicians or metermaids

is an easier sell…

what do you wanna trade for your t.v.

my sound is broken on the one in the bedroom…


I got one of these to trade? It fits in the back of a full size truck bed. It comes in two pcs.

It need some cleaning / TLC

Messy. Looks like he’ll be Jewish or a Unic very shortly as well.

I’ll be by on Monday to pick up the slide…Does it come with a scrub brush?

It’s a homemade 24 x 36 Scotch Bright pad, attached to a pine 2x4, for you do it yourselfers.


I got one of these to trade? It fits in the back of a full size truck bed. It comes in two pcs.

It need some cleaning / TLC

and for those fat chicks out there who complain they “never seem to be able to lose weight” ,

three slides down this , naked , face down , should do the trick eh ?!

Best laugh I’ve had all day - thanks.

LeeV took the 6’11"blank ,reshaped the tail and now it’s a 6’8". We are going to glass it and make it a single fin.

A gut named George gave me a broken Surftech longboard. He wouldn’t take any thing as a trade…MarkS came by and glued the thing back together with Gorilla glue. We’re making plans to do a Hot Rod paint job on the thing inspired by Austin Surfboards.

Etmo traded some killer cookies that his wife made for some half baked advise on how to glass with epoxy…

Next time the party animals across the street want to get really wasted I’m going to have them go down the slide. Thanks Jay!

Still have the green board and the three stringer…

Now…what can I do with Ambrose’s TV ?

Anybody want to Make a Deal ???////////…???//////////////////////…

Hello Swaylock’s

I’m pushing my own thread back up to the top. The three stringer just got sold for cheap ,the shaped blank has been claimed…

A guy just offered me some 1# and some 2# foam in exchange for some labor. We’re going to work something out for the 2# foam. If you are interested in 1# foam we might be able to make a deal. Any takers?

Where’s all the wheeler dealers? Post your own deals here.

I’ll trade the Sur Form Slide for a ticket to the new water park in Arizona ! :slight_smile: