LETS Talk Fins..OAM and FCS

Anyone tried OAMs new fin system? I mean the new one, no not the one from 3 months ago…No that was last weeks, Im talking about the NEW one…

FCS2??? FCS plugs are being redesigned anyone got any info?

Where can i check out the OAM system? I havent heard any new info on the FCS plugs but a friend told me he got to check out the new texallium fins from FCS that he said their mounted with ALOT of cant something like 28 degrees…cant remember the exact number but it was alot.

I dont think the new OAM system is available yet, I know its been installed here and there for testing but I think it still has some bugs.

Heres a Quote on the FCS2 from my Surf Business magazine

"We are constantly searching for ways to improve our current attachment system, and our new product design team is looking at ways to improve that. Brian Whitty, the original inventor of the FCS system, made a really good system. There’s no doubt, though, that it can be improved in some ways, so we’re looking at that right now. The bottom line is that we are continually looking to improve that, but in terms of when that’s likely to be released, I really don’t have a firm date on that at the moment. "

Seems like they are already tinkering and have some prototypes.

hopefully they manage to get the fins more feel like the glassed ones. I have to use fcs coz i travel a lot and all my boards have them installed plus i own plenty of different fins. actually i miss the glass on fins a lot but with traveling …

cheers clemens


You can buy fiberglass fins from Rainbow Fins that fit FCS. I 've tried them, but to me they offer very little difference in terms of feel, unlike glass-on fiberglass which do have a different feel. But I DO feel a definate difference with the new FG-series from FCS. Fiberglass over foam, double-foiled (with concave). Light, and you can really nail your turns. I’d recommend giving them a try. Theoretically from the discussions here, concave inner foils shouldn’t work (and interestingly the Future Vectors didn’t do anything for me, to point out a difference), but to me in the right board these are it and offer the biggest performance difference of all the fins I’ve ever tried (lots and lots).

Hey TD,

where can I get a set of the new FCSs? My local shops don’t have them. Any online sites you know of?

Thx, Dave

I have no experience with these online places but they came up in a search: