Leviathon lives

Well, she’s finally done. My buddy Stephen made the paddle, Koa and Carbon. Maiden voyage this weekend.

F’in sweet bro…

wow !!

13’ , is that right ?

…let us know how it goes eh Gary ?


p.s. - what would you estimate it cost you in materials , all up ??


Right on. Impressive. Have you got a photo of the fin setup?

Nice inlay.

Howzit aquafiend, Now that's a Butt crack.Aloha,Kokua

Sorry Ben, but i haven’t a clue what the cost of materials actually is…

three layers carbon top and bottom…thats about 21 yards of carbon plus two extra 6" layers on the rails for reinforcment for Paddle “hits”…

Epoxy???..I lost track cause I was using some to lam the “Stingray” as well as many other projects.

The EPS was about $180.00

Imron 5000 clearcoat???

Camo fabric…3.5 yards at $7.00/yd…

Misc. materials…$50.00-100.00???

I dunno, maybe $1000.00-$1500.00

Yeah Kokua, I know it’s way big…When I shaped it I wasn’t aware of the ratio rule…But it works aesthetically!

Nice fish! I have keel templates if you need them. Kidding. Cool boards. Beautiful. Mike

hahahehehohoho !!

classic Mike !!

just imagine …

… " 24" base , 18" depth " [ ??? ]

or , the single fin option ??!!

… " 36" deep , 30" base " ?!

Actually … it DOES raise an important point though , doesn’t it ??

IF you ARE going to be riding waves [??] on that weapon of mass re-construction [of people’s heads] …

WHAT fin , that won’t severely terrorise innocent "passers - by ??


I was thinking of using “Old Hickory”

holy corona


I took the board out in the harbor just to get “a feel” for it…

It’s alot harder than I thought. I tried to catch a couple boat wakes but fell off.

What’s the ratio rule?

Yes, I’d like to know the “Ratio Rule” too, as well as why there is a “rule”, and who formulated it.

Hi just seen this thread. I’ve been looking at making a 11’ fish for riding on the severn bore as somthing different. How does the board handle and is it worth doing. Other people have said they don’t work to well and to leave the idea alone? would you agrea having made and used one.

many thanks bendy

Bendy, welcome to sways. Just got this above, going to convert it, not the 11 ft you are looking for, but is this the sort of tail you are thinking of. If you go to my thread about ‘Matchstick’, you might get some idea of the back end of my tandem, very floaty, very heavily glassed, very heavy. Anything over 10 ft starts getting a bit of a lump to heave up a muddy bank, unless you have access to a boat…?

How long have you been surfing the bore and where’s your hang out?


It’s shows real soul,man !

We just finished our own Leviathon for Austin and his girlfriend to enter a tandem contest in May. I was thinking I need to get Ambrose to make me a paddle so I can try it that way. 12’6X27X5 1/2


I’ve been hooked for the last year odd I would usually never miss a tide but I’m in plaster at the mo. bust my thumb a few monthes ago. Going to try and get out tomorrow plastic bag on hand. could be interesting!!! We do a number of drops working up streem from Newnam you will know my board as the bendy board! May see you up at over bridge. ges the bore may be big tommorow lots of rain about. I’m looking forward to having a big board for the summer bores love to get 2’s up at some point. Enjoy this bore. By the way theres a load of long fish boards on magicseaweed board.


The Severn is famous for long fish, they’re called eels! :wink:

See you on the river.


Little known fact # 1722

Ratio Rule was originally

the Rat Io Rule

the halph Rat Halph hawk

God of the sandstonis tribe of central

nevada,bakersfield , and eastern wyomng

was envoked during pizza ceremonies

to determine the height and thickness of fins

on studebakers in bodyshops

for repairs and customizing.

in later years after studebaker

stopped making cars alltogether

thr Rat Io Rule was invoked

to determine fin placement

on kit boards sent to eastern california and arizona by

fiberglass shops in san pedro

remains of concrete used in the once glorious statue of Rat Io

are to be found inside the breakwater at cabrillo beach.

At extreme low tides the rat nose and wing stick up out of the sand.