Liddle Pointbreaker Size Advise

For you Liddle Hull riders I have a question. I am 40+ and have been surfing 20+ years ridding a wide variety of boards mostly in South Orange County (Trestles, Church) I weight 190 in a wet suit and am 6’3 tall. I am having a hard time deciding what size to go…6’10-7’4 is where I am looking. Any suggestions?

ping username ‘pointdog’ here or ‘O.T.’ at surfermag forums…not sure if he still uses his

sways account.

he surfs your waves and has similar dimensions…he could provide some sound advice.

I’d grab something closer to 8’…but that’s just me.

i’m 225 - 42 y/o – ride a 7’4" pointbreaker. so at yr weight, the lengths yr looking at seem to be right.

I´m 49, with 180 pounds and less than 8´ is easy, but I can´t be so much time in the water as I wish…

8´ made by a very good shaper for your size, for your kind of surf, it wil stay very confortable and still keeps the manoever that you want…

i’d go 7’6" to 8’. my newest 7’6" is 18.75 x 22.5x 15 x 3". so far it works like a dream. i also have an 8 footer with similar dimensions that works really good but i left that in australia.(both are liddle pointbreak style templates)

“The older, the bigger”…

I’m 40 (as of last week) and about 170 lbs. I started with 7’4", tried some bigger and smaller and ended up loving the 7’1" I have now. For me, it’s 7’0" to 7’4" but a board in the 8’ range would make a good longboard substitute that you could still ride the same way as the smaller boards (sort of).